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“Private” schools are open to the public

September 11, 2015

Given the news about the popularity of “private” schools in the U.S., this post from 2012 seems timely (again).

Cannon School Admission

Given the seemingly endless list of challenges facing our nation’s public schools, more and more families are exploring other options for educating their children.

Many families, it turns out, are beginning to take a closer look at what are commonly known as “private schools.” Until now, it seems, many parents assumed that “private schools” were, well, private.

“I just always assumed that the private schools were only for the wealthy kids,” a parent admitted recently. “I never imagined that we could afford to send our kids there.”

It is true that these non-public schools charge tuition.  And it is true that these schools require that students meet certain academic requirements to enroll.  But it is not true that these schools are private.

Private School” is terminology left over from the 1960s and 1970s.  Over a decade ago, the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) actually launched a…

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