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Teachers benefit from grit

July 14, 2014

We’ve explored the importance of grit a number of times over the past couple years — that sense of passion, perseverance, and stick-to-it-ness that can help ordinary students do extraordinary things.2014-07-08-TNTPFortWorth140_685x257-thumb

Now there’s some interesting research on how grit can enhance the work of teachers — especially first year teachers.

Betsy Aronson, in her TNTP blog post “Can Teachers Learn Grit?,” writes:

“Conversation around ‘character education‘ often includes questions of how we can support students to develop grit and why it’s important to do so, particularly in high-poverty schools. But the concept of cultivating grit in teachers is a new one for many of us.”

New concept or not, it makes sense that teachers sometimes need to dig deep to tap into the passion and strong will that led them to the classroom in the first place.   After all, nobody ever said that the world’s most important profession wouldn’t be without its challenges.


Cannon School is a JrK-12 independent school located in Concord, NC.

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